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Munich, "Sustainability First", Hyundai trade fair presence, IAA


Uniplan and Hyundai won iF design Award 2022 for their trade fair appearance at IAA MOBILITY 2021.


The modular architecture system pon by burkhardt leitner modular spaces had a great appearance at the Hyundai booth at the IAA MOBILITY 2021 in Munich. The International Motor Show is one of the largest and most important international motor vehicle trade fairs in the world. In 2021 the IAA had the focus on climate-neutral mobility.


"Sustainability First": The Hyundai Motor Group is counting on a CO2-free future in its vehicles and of course also in its trade fair appearance. An extraordinary concept from Uniplan with a focus on the architectural system pon. It was extremely important to Hyundai that all materials that contributed to the exhibition can be reused.


A clear and strong message. Sustainability in the trade fair business - a fine example for the entire trade fair industry.


Project: Exhibition stand IAA Mobility 2021
Design: Uniplan, Cologne
System: Burkhardt Leitner pon system
Photos: Andreas Keller