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They create temporary architecture in lofts, industrial buildings or in public spaces. They provide open-plan offices with flexible and continually new structures. And as a mobile office cube they take the self-contained office to its logical conclusion. The office of the future is a virtual one. And is a virtuoso product of the moment.

The high functionality of our architectural systems is based on their logical, self-explaining construction princi- ples. Their flexibility and modularity offer freedom of design. Reduction and clarity in form are our guiding prin- ciples in the aesthetic design. The use of high quality materials guarantees a long service life, sustainability and preservation of resources. 

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Projects with pila office
Honda Motor - Sao Paulo
325 m2
Kodak Centre/Creo Project - Berlin
76 m2
Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv - Stuttgart
1000 m2
AMD Office Project - Dresden
150 m2
Marschner/Kuehn - Karsruhe
300 m2
Plans Ahead - Seoul
260 m2
Yapı Kredi - Istanbul
200 m2
Bilsar Shop - Istanbul
550 m2